Facebook Sponsored Stories to end in April.

Facebook have announced that they will officially be retiring their Sponsored Stories feature from the 9th April 2014.   Why are Facebook doing this? Following a $20 million lawsuit against Facebook for the use of violating privacy rights by publishing the ‘Likes’ and profile picture of minors (aged below 18) in adverts without consent last […]

Twitter launches custom timeline

Twitter launches custom timeline: What is it? Custom timeline would allow users to pick the best tweets from their Twitter search and place them directly into a new feed. The selected tweets can then be shared publicly on the user’s Twitter page or embedded onto their own website.   What does it mean to brands?  […]

O2’s zero to hero crisis management Twitter strategy.

When faced with the recent network failure O2 were bombarded with Tweets from upset customers looking for a place to vent out their anger. The combination of anger and social media even triggered of the UK trending hash tag #O2Songs, which mocked O2’s service through song lyrics. However instead of pumping out the same PR […]

Move over QR codes. There’s a new kid in town…

Once upon a time, I LOVED QR codes, and would happily gush about the creative way some of them are used. Although recently I have started to get bored of the humble black and white QR code. In fact I’ve found even found myself rolling my eyes at a QR code which has been stupidly stuck on […]

Twitter’s spoof recruiting video is so cheesy it’s viral!

To celebrate the 2012 Hack week Twitter employees were set the task top make the “best/worst recruitment video of all time.” Twitter employees Ian Padgham and Jeremy Briggs stepped up to the challenge with this brilliant video, which has now gone viral!