Goodbye Razorfish…

After two fantastic years working with great people and equally fantastic brands at Razorfish, I’ve decided it’s time for me to move in-house.

The idea of going in-house has been something I have been toying with for a while and after a lot of thought, I’m finally going to make the jump.

One of the things I’ve noticed about choosing to go in-house is that you know when it’s the perfect time when you met the right brand for you.

For me, I found this when I met an energy brand called Ovo Energy.  Unlike the personas I would have expected from an energy brand, Ovo Energy were refreshingly warm, friendly and fun. (Words I never thought I’d say about an energy brand!)

So on Monday 10th February, I will start my new role as a Community Manager for Ovo Energy! 🙂

Hello my name is..

*If you work for Ovo Energy and you are based in their London office, feel free to pop by my desk and say hello! (I don’t bite. Honest!) 🙂

*If you work for Ovo Energy and you are based in their Bristol office, I shall see you when I pop up for a meeting. (Feel free to rescue me if I look a bit lost wandering around the office looking for the kitchen/bathroom/way out) 🙂

Sharon x


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