Baking: Honeycomb recipe


This weekend I decided to surprise my friend with a batch of home made Honeycomb (or ‘Hokey Pokey’ if you are referring to it by its Cornish name). 🙂

Despite being a pretty experienced baker, I actually had to take two attempts at making this as I found that the instructions found on the BBC Food website didn’t deliver the results I was expecting. (It produced honeycomb which was okay but it went rock hard within a day and it lacked the distinctive crunch you would find when biting into the honeycomb found in a Crunchie bar)

So to help everyone out, here is my edited recipe with tips to help you achieve your perfect batch of honeycomb! 🙂


Honeycomb recipe:

100g or Half a cup of Caster sugar

2 Forks of Golden syrup (Either scoop it out of the tin twice or roughly cover a fork using your squeezy bottle twice)

1 Teaspoon of Bicarbonate soda (This is the magic ingredient)

Butter (For greasing your tray or tin)


Required tools:

1 Large sauce pan

1 Fork

1 Teaspoon

1 Cup of cold water

1 Baking tray or tin (You would need to lightly grease your chosen tray or tin)

1 Kettle full of boiling hot water

1 Chopping board

1 Sharp knife or hammer



1. Speed is key when melting sugar so make sure that you have all of your ingredients measured and your tools ready.


2. Mix the sugar and syrup together in the pan until it has all clumped together.

Tip: Make sure you do this away from the heat!


3. Place on a low heat on use use your fork to mix the mixture together until it starts to bubble and melt.


4. Keep mixing until the mixture turns from a light honey colour to darker more maple syrup shade.

Tip: It takes between 5-10 minutes to achieve this shade so be patient and keep stirring!


5. When it starts to look darker in colour, it’s time to do the test! Use the handle of your spoon and dip a tiny part of the handle into your mixture. Dip your sample into your cup of cold water. You would either hear the mixture *crack* in the water or you will find that after dipping it into the water you can literally bite the mixture of the handle with a nice crunch.

Tip: As sugar burns quickly I’d recommend taking it off the heat whilst you test your sample.

I personally couldn’t hear the crack in the water so I choose to bite my sample from the spoon handle. I found that if the sugar wasn’t hot enough it was a toffee like texture so I returned it to the heat and continued mixing and then retested it with a fresh spoon handle until I got my desired ‘Crunch’.    

If you prefer you can use a sugar thermometer- The ideal temperature would be 160 Celsius.


6. Time to start the magic! Stir in one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda into the mixture.

Tip: Mix it together quickly but don’t over mix the mixture as you will beat the the signature bubbles out of it.


7. Pour your hot bubbly mixture into your greased tin or tray.

Tip: As tempting as it is you need to resit the urge to poke or level out your mixture once it hits the tray/tin as your will lose the signature bubbles! (I’m speaking from experience. It’s not a pretty sight)


8. Pour your boiled water into your pan as soon as you have tipped out your mixture. (Trust me you’ll thank me later as sugar is tough to remove once set!)


9. Leave to set for 1 to 2 hours at room temperature


10. Tip your honeycomb from the tin/tray onto your board and use you sharp knife or hammer to break it into small pieces and store in an air tight container.


11. Enjoy your honeycomb! 🙂



Sharon x

* I’m holding the honeycomb with chopstick as I wanted to show the bubbles without touching the product as this is a gift for a friend. 🙂


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