Review: Dinner at Inamo

I have to admit Inamo is one of those restaurants which I’ve walked past countless times but for some reason I’ve never been in.

Despite living in London for over eight years and being a big foodie I’m pretty boring when it comes to food and tend to eat in the same restaurants, drink at the same coffee shops and hang out in the same places.

To be honest my love for going to the same places is so strong even my boyfriend, a Kent born and raised guy who has just moved to London has noticed that for a ‘girl who loves London’, I never do anything new or usual i.e. something you can’t do outside of London.

So, to celebrate our second anniversary I decided to create a list of cool and unusual things to do in London. The first on the list was to finally eat dinner at Inamo. 🙂

In a nut shell Inamo is an Oriental fusion restaurant which offers a really cool interactive experience. Basically there are projectors on the ceiling which beam down on each of the table settings. This allows the guests at restaurant to place orders from an illustrated food and drinks menu projected on to the table.

My favourite part was the fact that I could change the design on the table, play games (which includes Battleships) with my boyfriend whilst we waited for our food, discover the local neighbourhood around the restaurant, order a taxi home and even spy on the chefs as they cook via the table.

(Change the table design to set the mood)

Inamo 4

(Preview the menu options on our plate)

Inamo 3

(Play Battleships while we waited for our food)

Inamo 7

(Spy on the Chefs whilst they work)

Inamo 8

In terms of price it’s okay, a meal would set you back around £25-£45 per a person depending on how much you eat and drink however you definitely get your money’s worth when it comes t0 the food and the experience itself.

If your in Soho and fancy a change from the usual restaurants then I would strongly recommend going to Inamo. 🙂

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