Facebook Sponsored Stories to end in April.

Facebook have announced that they will officially be retiring their Sponsored Stories feature from the 9th April 2014.


Why are Facebook doing this?

Following a $20 million lawsuit against Facebook for the use of violating privacy rights by publishing the ‘Likes’ and profile picture of minors (aged below 18) in adverts without consent last August, Facebook have decided to revise their advertising structure.


What does this mean for brands/agencies?

For brands and agencies looking to advertise on Facebook, they can no longer create domain sponsored stories (such as Living Social sponsoring a link a user has posted on a product page) or open graph sponsored stories (such as Spotify advertising that shows that a Facebook user is listening to a certain artist).

 No more adverts like these: (Notice how the advert looks more like a general news feed activity and not an advert)

Image Image


Brands and agencies will however be free to put up adverts of their products in both news feeds and along the side panel which include a Facebook user’s Likes and pictures as long as it’s not the main focus of the advert.


Example of the new advert: (Notice how the users ‘Likes’ are now embedded in the advert itself and less noticeable)





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