O2’s zero to hero crisis management Twitter strategy.

When faced with the recent network failure O2 were bombarded with Tweets from upset customers looking for a place to vent out their anger.

The combination of anger and social media even triggered of the UK trending hash tag #O2Songs, which mocked O2’s service through song lyrics.

However instead of pumping out the same PR approved “Sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the service” message on the O2 Twitter page, O2 have embraced this crisis and have used this as an opportunity to show their fun, innovative and young personality.

As a community manager for a global brand myself, I personally think that the community manager/managers behind the O2 Twitter page (@O2) need a medal for being able to churn out such fun Tweets.

Many people assume that a community manager is someone who sits at a computer all day and “Plays on Facebook and Twitter all day”.

What people forget is that the community managers are the quick thinking brain boxes, who understand their brands personality and persona and help to turn a consumer’s point of view of the brand from “Brand X is a little bland”, “Brand X isn’t doing anything to resolve this issue” to “Hey Brand X aren’t just a giant money making machine, they’re actually just like you and me!” .

Obviously O2’s current crisis management Twitter strategy wouldn’t work for every brand; however it’s really worked for O2 as they weren’t afraid to push their own social media boundaries.

Personally I have no idea who the community manager/managers are for O2, however if I ever get to meet them I will defiantly buy them a drink. (They’re going to need it, after the mammoth task of tweeting so many clever Tweets on behalf of O2!)

For those of you who haven’t seen the O2 Tweets yet here are a few highlights: (Via Newstatesman)


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