Move over QR codes. There’s a new kid in town…

Once upon a time, I LOVED QR codes, and would happily gush about the creative way some of them are used.

Although recently I have started to get bored of the humble black and white QR code. In fact I’ve found even found myself rolling my eyes at a QR code which has been stupidly stuck on a poster, in an underground station.

(For the record this QR branded poster was stuck to the wall of the tube tunnel. This is a major FAIL as there is 1. No signal underground or 2. No one is stupid enough to clamber across the underground tracks, to get close enough to scan this code!)

Luckily there is a new kid in town. This ‘new kid’ goes by the name AR codes (Augmented Reality).

Unlike the QR code the AR code is a lot more discrete as you can’t actually see it with the naked eye.

The only way to uncover the AR code is to download the app for it. (My personal favourite is Blippar, though you could use other readers like Aurasma Lite)

How to uncover an AR code:

1. Download the app reader

2. Hold your smart phone over a brand logo and see if anything pops up!

*Brand example: Any Cadbury’s chocolate bar, a TFL Oyster card (Yes really!), Nestle Kit Kat Chunky, Shreddies etc.

The AR code has even started to appear on billboards in London! With this great example by Marks & Spencer which was unveiled in Waterloo today*.

*When you hold your smart phone up to the poster, the model springs to life and starts to show you lots of different sets of lingerie and rose bouquets!

Other great AR code examples here:

Domino’s Pizza

Starbucks (USA)


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