A surprise ‘Future Me’ letter from the past.

We all have those moments in life when we discover something we’d made months, or even years ago, and we go “Oh wow!  I forgot I made that”

Usually for me it’s a left over homemade biscuit I’d shoved into a tin or a memory box I’d made as a child then found when I was an adult.

This time I was in a Social Media conference, listening to Google talk about their views on the social web, whilst tapping away on my iPad as a ‘new email’ alert popped up into my inbox.

The subject heading of the email was “The only way is up…” and to be too honest when I opened and read  the email I did think who the hell had sent me this random c**p piece of spam?

The email read:

“Dear future Sharon,

How you doing? Still young fresh and pretty or is your face starting to get hard and crunchy like stale bread?

If the answers yes than you’re doing it right! If the answers no then you’re doing it wrong. So better stop reading that PR bull about expensive face creams and start working out and eating better.

Your parents may have told you as a child that the only way is up but seeing as you stopped growing in height from the age of 14, you’re not going anywhere soon  sweetie.

Sadly in those science lessons you should have paid attention to, gravity really does pull things a little closer to earth so get ready to see those ‘Bouncy Mountains’ become a little less bouncy…. and mountain like.

But hey looking on the bright side it’s not just birds go south for the winter thought right?

Anyway better get a going…. that left over chocolate birthday cake you have just wolfed down is about to kick in so you’re going to run around like hyper mad woman.

Chow for now..


Then the penny finally dropped and I realised in my moment of silliness at work, (I was working as a Digital AE at Consolidated PR) I’d signed up to a website called Future Me* and written myself a letter, and set it to be sent a year later and completely forgot!

*Future Me is a website which allows you to email yourself a letter to your future self. (This can be set to be sent from 1 day to 50 years!)

The idea of Future me is that when you receive your email to yourself, you can reflect on life or use it as inspiration to yourself. (For the record, looking back on my email I wish I’d written something more inspiring but hey, at least I had a sense of humour!)


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