Getting ready to join the fish bowl that is Razorfish! : )

For those who know me well, I left my job at Mindshare a couple of weeks ago.

Like a lot things in life sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and I realised that after 6 months at Mindshare it just wasn’t for me.

On a brighter note I am delighted to say that after a fantastic week of freelancing for Razorfish and three tough interview stages, I have been offered the job as Social Media Manager. : ) (Trust me I found the final interview so nerve-racking that I actually lost my voice straight after!)

** A few of you may have already heard about this, as I Tweeted in excitement just after I got offered the job. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank the following people for their very speedy and kind Tweets! : D

(Mario Cacciottolo, Emma Kent, Hassan Mirza, Anaghard M, Gareth Molyneux, Phil Spray, Alastair Flower, Chris Ford, Claire Tayler, Stuart Johnstone, Stuart Gleave and last but not least Zubair Ahmed) **

In my new role I will be joining the Social team with the likes of social cool kids,  Johnny Stark, Tim Hoang, Aresha Krishnan and many more on Monday morning! : D

In celebration of my new role as a fellow Razorfish in the fish bowl (office) that is based by Goodge Street station, I have brought these beautifully geeky stamps from Men Kind.

Sharon  😀 x


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