Taking the plunge into the world of speed dating..

Yesterday I did something I’d never dreamed of doing before. I went speed dating. And not just any old speed dating I went to the extreme…. Chinese speed dating!

I originally found out about the event through a friend who thought it would be hilarious idea; however she got found a boyfriend a week before the event and left me to go alone. 😥

At first I was really hesitant. I’m not the kind of the girl who only dates ‘Chinese guys’, so the idea of talking to a variety of Chinese guys seemed like a strange idea.

But once I weighed up my pros and cons I decided that to go along as it could be fun, and to be honest I haven’t met a guy who has wowed me since breaking up with my ex. (To my ex if you’re reading this, don’t flatter yourself)

The speed dating event was held in a bar called Grace Bar on Windmill Street by Piccadilly Circus.

Upon arrival each of us were given our speed dating score cards and speed dating ID numbers. (My number was number 21)

On our score card was the list of potential dates (about 40 guys in total), with their nicknames, speed dating numbers and their occupation.

Scanning through the list, I laughed with one of the other girls there, as one of the guy’s nicknames was Pikachu? And he worked as a banker?

To add to the fun I swapped my card with one of the guys there, just to see what jobs and nicknames the other girls had. (This was purely for research purposes – I wasn’t trying to size up my competition honest!) Though scanning through the list, I noticed that one of the girls had listed ‘Housewife’ as her occupation?  (One word sprung to mind. WHY?!?)

The rules of speed dating were that we had 5 minutes to talk to our dates before moving onto the next person. At the end of each date we had to mark on our score cards “Date”, “Friend” or “No”.

Anyway, once the speed dating got underway I was seated in a booth with the girl I had become friends with at the start of the event. (I’m not going to mention her name as she works in the media too!) J

The 40 guys were then unleashed onto the girls, and the buzz of excitement and madness started!

My first guy was guy number 23, and he was a really funny guy. So I was really upset when the bell rung and he had to disappear of to talk to the rest of the girls. 😦

As I went through my list of guys I started to notice some  that in 5 minutes I either had a great time chatting to a guy, or I found the 5 minutes went painfully slowly. : S

In a nut shell here’s the hilarious (and creepy moments) of my speed dates:

  1. One guy told me that my dimples meant that I was either born into a lot of money or I’m born to make a lot of money? (For the record I wasn’t born into a lot of money, so I’m buying my lottery ticket online as I type this post) ; )
  2. Another guy got a little bit too close into my personal comfort zone, by reaching forward and touching my necklace. (Ekk? I wasn’t sure whether to slap him or to just run) :S
  3. On one of my dates the chemistry just wasn’t there and it was a very uncomfortable 5 minutes. However I have to give the guy credit for the fact he stopped talking at 3 minutes, admitted that we just weren’t working out and recommended his friend (number 37 on the list) as we’d probably get on like a house on fire. (For the record. He was right. I did get along with number 37, however I we didn’t stay in touch)
  4. One guy told me I must be a very fussy and picky girl as I was single? (Ouch! I was really offended by this!) 😮

During the break, I went round to chat to a few guys, and asked just for research purposes what their speed dating highlights were. (Their list proved to be a lot funnier than mine!)

Speed dating highlights from the guys:

  1. One girl asked how much money the guy earned.  Then pulled a face of dislike when she heard the amount. (Ouch! I thought that was a bit harsh. The poor guy looked like his ego had been crushed!) *Reference (Lo 2011)
  2. When asked the ice breaking question of “So where to do live?” one girl snapped back saying she wasn’t going to tell him in case stalked her? (The guy told her not to flatter herself and stormed off to the bar) : p HA! Hilarious!
  3.  One girl asked a guy how tall he was. As she wanted tall kids? (My mind was blown by this point)

At the end of the event our score cards were collected up and we were free to go.

A group of the speed daters went off to China Town to eat dinner and to get to know each other a little bit better (love is in the air!). And I was lucky enough to bump into guy number 23 (my first speed date) on the way to the clock room, and we went to grab a cup of bubble tea from Bubbleolgy round the corner.

So for me I ended the night with a mini date with the guy I wanted to get to know better. (Yay lucky me! And we might be meeting up soon. 🙂

The golden question now is would I go speed dating again? Maybe…  Would I recommend speed dating to my friends? YES defiantly. It was truly one of the craziest (and funniest things I’ve done in ages).

If you fancy going along to the event I went to the link is here:


If you fancy speed dating, but don’t fancy the Chinese only version here’s a list I’ve found online.




Best of luck if you do venture into the world of speed dating! And feel free to share your speed dating stories with me! I’d love to hear them. : )

Sharon x


5 thoughts on “Taking the plunge into the world of speed dating..

    • I think he was trying to “Play the game” in which he insults me to lower my self-esteem and then moves in for the kill. However he failed miserably by insulting me then leaving a really awkward silence! (To add salt to his wound the bell rung for the next guy, and he came running over literally pushing the insulting guy off his seat in the process…) 😉

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