The QR code, the cake and the unexpected surprise.

On Tuesday, I returned to work after a blissful 10 day holiday in Hong Kong.

At 4:30pm I received a phone call from Mindshare’s reception that a lovely surprise has just arrived for me? Completely clueless I skipped along wondering what to expect.  (As my birthday isn’t till January I was a little confused, however I was delighted when I saw my surprise.)

I had been sent a large cake (it’s about 8 and half inches by 8 and half inches) with a QR code printed on top.

All of the girls at reception crowed round me as we tried to work out who had sent this mystery cake. (There was no note or hint from the sender)

**This cake was created by cake company London **

So I whipped out my phone to scan the QR code.  At first the code didn’t work, but then I realised in flurry of excitement the cake was the wrong way round! (Opps!)

Once the cake has been correctly position I scanned it again and to my surprise a YouTube video popped up from my friend the lovely James Bunting! : )

It turns out that the cake was James’s way of saying thank you! As over the past year I had been helping and supporting James in his journey from Media Student to a PR.

I originally met James on Twitter, and I remember thinking that there was lot of potential for him to work in PR. So after a number of emails and phone calls with James I became his PR mentor.

(For those of you don’t know I have been a PR mentor for almost two years, helping and supporting a number of PR and media students and graduates, to get their first jobs in the media. As PR graduate myself, I know how it feels to struggle after graduation so I like to offer a helping hand when I can.)

As his mentor I suggested to him that in order to get his foot in the door he should try sending a creative application/CV to selected agencies to show people his creative nature, and his ability to think outside the box.

James managed to come up with a number of brilliant ideas, however inspired by the stories of QR codes I had told him about, James decided to follow the QR code route.

After a long brainstorming session, he came up with the idea of sending a selected number of Polaroid shots with his twitter handle written on it and a QR code which lead to this website on the other side.

This idea turned out to be his winning idea, as he landed his first job at JBP PR this November.

So I’d just to say well done James! You’ve come a long way and I couldn’t be prouder! : )

P.s For those of you who are curious, here’s the video that was hidden in my QR code cake. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The QR code, the cake and the unexpected surprise.

  1. Hello Sharon,

    So lovely to read the post… slight confession to make to both you and James. I am writing from – we actually made your cake! We had no idea what James was up to but upon realising this was a cleverly disguised message we took our phones out and scanned the message. We absolutely loved it. A clever idea… we don’t know how you managed to cut it and eat it.

    Kind regards,

    The Team

    • Hi Suthe! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. I was delighted to receive the beautifully made and delicious cake from James.

      A big thank you goes to you and the rest of the London Cakes team for taking so much care and attention into making this unusual request. 🙂

      Warmest regards,
      Sharon x

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