Feeling grumpy? Well here’s a few reasons to smile. :) (In support of Someone Once Told Me and the Operation Smile charity.)

Whilst sitting on the bus this morning staring at the miserable faces in front of me I decided to write-up a list of reasons to smile.

Out of my list of reasons to smile three of them really stood out to me, so  I thought I’d share them with you.

Reasons to smile:

1.  It’s Friday! *Que Rebecca Blacks song “Friday”

2. It relieves stress and helps you to live longer! 🙂

3. The weather is going to be awesome this weekend.   Wait. Scratch that. I’ve just checked the weather forcast for this weeknd and its not looking that pretty. : (  *Weather forcast for London (17th and 18th September)

4. The last but far from least reason to smile is that the Someone Once Told Me iPhone app is now out! : D

For those of you who haven’t had heard of Someone Once Told Me, it is a website founded and run by the hilariously funny Mario Cacciottolo.

The concept of Someone Once Told Me is that we have all been told something which has left a footprint in our hearts. This iconic quote is then written down on a piece of white paper and captured in a black in white photo which is then shared on the Someone Once Told Me website.

Due to the high demand of Someone Once Told Me images which have been flooding into Mario (a staggering 1,470 photos from all corners of world!) he decided to seize this as an opportunity to make a great concept into a magical one.

Mario created the Someone Once Told Me iPhone app which allows you to take your very own Someone Once Told Me photo at anytime or place whilst raising money for the Operation Smile children charity!

I personally think that the charity was brilliant chosen for this app as Operation Smile helps to raise money and awareness for children who have been born with a cleft lip.

The app cost just £1.49 in the UK and $1.99 in the US – Apple take 30% of each fee, leaving the rest to go directly to Operation Smile.

The cost for an Operation Smile treatments is around £150 and it can take as little as 45 minutes to repair a child’s cleft lip, thereby changing their lives forever. Approximately 180 downloads of the SOTM app will pay for a basic operation! : )

This truly is a brilliant reason to smile right? 🙂

Oh and for those of you wondering…

Here’s my Someone Once Told Me photo! It was taken almost 2 years ago in Covent Garden.  : )

(I’ll explain the photo later)


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