Moving on from Consolidated PR…

After one year and four action packed months working as the Digital PR girl (and only girl!) of the Digital team at Consolidated PR, I have decided to move onto new pastures…

I had an amazing time working at Consolidated and will treasure some great memories.

Thinking back on my time at Consolidated I realised that before I worked here I’d never:

1. Heard of Bruce Springsteen..  I’ve now been educated in who he is (The Boss) by the Digital boys Paul Borge, Philippe Jeanjean and the rest of the first floor at Consolidated) *Que Born in the USA sound track..

2. Been to Twestival! (I went to my first Twestival in 2010 and loved it so much I became one of the organisers of Twestival 2011).

3. Been to Notting Hill carnival. (I ended up being a dancer for one of Consolidated’s travel clients Saint Lucia tourist board in Notting Hill Carnival 2010) : )

*Pictured is the lovely; Danni Wright and Sophia Vanezis

4. Won a sport day event.. My team the Purple Cobras won the company away day event which was an assortment of sports day activities! (Egg and spoon race, Tug of War, Limbo, Sack race and so much more!)

5. Been to Bristol. (I went up to meet a client and LOVED the accent of the lady who served me in a  deli called Philpotts).

6. Worked in an office where; they have three Nicks (Nick Clark, Nick Pickles and Nick Parker), two Marks (Mark Thompson and Mark Atkins) and two and a half Charlottes? (Charlotte Ens, Charlotte Sprague and Lottie Dutton?- I never found out if this was short for Charlotte.. hence the half!)

6. Been papped by paparazzi! (I stuck my head of the window to look at the Glee cast as they were in the building next door and was mistaken for Jenna Ushkowitz the girl who plays Tina in the show!)

7. Had a (geeky) 10 seconds claim to fame… I Googled myself and found the following mentions by; PR Week, PR moment ( x4!),  Rudder Fin, Le Studio 52, and Offer and Acceptance. (A big thank you goes to Ged Caroll, Rich Leigh, Laura Strong, Claire Mordret and Sarah Stimson for giving me my geeky 10 seconds claim to fame!!) : )

8. Never had a Goldilocks experience..  For some reason ever since the Digital team moved to be nearer the windows I can never decide if I feel comfortable with the temperature of the room. Like Goldilocks in the fairy tale story I complain that the room is; “Too hot…” , “Too cold”. This caused a lot of window opening and closing moments for  Philippe…  (Sorry about that PJ…!) : p

9. Never been to a PR week award ceremony.. As a PR graduate I have to admit that I spent almost 4 years pouring over every detail in the post PR week award magazine… Hours and days were spent  swooning over every detail of the category winners -My favourite has to be the ’30 under 30s’ section. With this geeky (and guilty secret) in mind I was delighted when I got the chance to attend the awards as Consolidated PR were nominated for their “Organ donation” The gift of life campaign!  (I loved every part of the Awards) : p

10. Worked in a company which is in the Sunday times best small companies to work. Consolidated are currently 77 on the  Sunday Times best small companies to work for.  : )

With this list of memories in mind I brace myself for my next adventure

To those who don’t already know I’m moving on to be an Account Manger at Mindshare!  I’m very excited about  working with and learning from the Digital wizz kid that is  Paul Armstrong and the rest of the team at Mindshare! : )

p.s  Congratulations to Tom Cook who is joining the Consolidated Digital team! You’re going to have blast! : ) x

p.p.s If anyone fancies swinging by for lunch to say hello, or  fancies a coffee you can find me here:

(Mindshare is based in the bright orange building by Tottenham Court road station, opposite Shaftesbury theatre)


4 thoughts on “Moving on from Consolidated PR…

  1. Good Luck Sharon, just remember to have lots of fun and enjoy the work. Mindshare are going to be very happy they hired you.

  2. Hey, not so fast to tarnish the floor with the springsteen tag. Good luck in the new job. Have we had the “penultimate” tea round yet?

  3. It makes me very happy you’ve been to Bristol, Philpotts and you’ve experienced the wonderful Brizzle accent! Good luck with your new job!

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