Bubble tea…

This week I got around to visiting the new Bubbleology store in Rupert Street. I’d heard a lot about bubble tea from friends and family in Hong Kong (It’s a popular drink there) and was surprised when I finally got to try it.

As the name would suggest the fruit flavoured tea based drink has little black  “Bubbles” the size of pearls on the bottom of the cup. These bubbles are made of tapioca balls which have a strangely nice chewy jelly like texture? On your sip of bubble tea its a strange surprise to have suck up a bubble (I’m not used to finding lumps in my drinks) but after a while it’s quite an addictive taste!

Me and friend soon found ourself racing to see who suck up the most bubbles first..

If you’ve haven’t tried Bubble tea I’d strongly advise you to get down to the Bubbleolgy store now! : )


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