Slim-fast vs Magnum’s promoted Royal wedding Tweet

As millions of people around the took to Twitter in the run up to the Royal wedding to talk about their excitement, brands were  busy planning on how they can cash in on the worldwide trending hashtag #RoyalWedding.

Two brands in particular paid for this hashtag to become promoted in order to ensure that their hashtag carried their brand message to the millions.

The first to use the Royal wedding hashtag as a promotion opportunity was Slim-Fast the weight loss product:

This Tweet linked to their Facebook “Wedding ready” tab which is a week-by-week diet plan aimed at women looking to look their best for their Big day.

The second brand (and so far the last brand) to use this hashtag as a marketing opportunity was Magnum ice creams:

This promoted Tweet linked directly to their Facebook page which is hosting their current online game called the “Magnum pleasure hunt” game.

Looking over the number of fans both of these brands now have on their Facebook groups post Royal Wedding I think for Magnum will be very pleased with the results! As Magnum now have over 1 million Facebook fans* on their Facebook group!

Slim-fast now have just over 20k Facebook fans* to it has clearly reached part of their female target audience.

*Please note I do no know how many Facebook fans Magnum or Slim Fast had prior to this promoted Tweet going live.

With these brands mind I wonder who is else is going to come up with a clever marketing strategy for the upcoming worldwide events like the 2013 London Olympics?



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