If only my bank balance was as flexiable as these shoes..

As a serious high heel wearing addict there have been times where I have hobbled down the road with a burning sensation in the balls of my feet after a hard day wearing a (beautiful) pair of heels in the office.

So you can imagine my delight when I spotted this article on the Daily Mail website! Raphael Young a luxury shoe designer who learnt from his trade at YSL under the guidance of  Alexandre Narcy, (who also happens to be his uncle) has created a shoe with rubber and leather soles which allows the wearer to have a more flexible and comfortable fit! : )

I’ve hadn’t had a chance to try them but looking at the blue print design of them they look like they may be exactly what I have been looking for!

Researching around the internet I found a company which also creates shoes with rubber soles at a snip of the price called Geox  but looking at their designs it’s not really my ideal alternative… (The design of the Geox shoe just isn’t as pretty or as high as the R-Flex shoes)

As I’m only 5ft 3 and half inches tall, I like to wear heels which are at least 3.5-4 inches high (Sorry but every inch counts!) to ensure that my tall leggy friends can see more than just the top of my head! (I’m tempted to draw a cheesy grin on the top of my head just to confuse them)…

Though at £4o0 for a pair of Raphael Young heels I may have to suffer a little longer in my hard soled shoes…


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